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What You Can Do to Make a Difference Today

At Springtime House, the wellbeing of orphans and at-risk children is our main concern. Learn more about the positive impact we have had and join us in bringing about positive change.

Casa Primavara ("Springtime House") Foun

 CASA PRIMAVARA (Springtime House) Foundation Home

Casa Primavara, 
is the name of a privately owned, family-style home built for fatherless children. Five siblings were selected from a local orphanage in 2003 by UK Founder Barbara Waldron and Executive Director, Peter Tat of Romania, to grow up together with Foster Parents, Vasile and Elena Rus. The Foundation Home is accredited by the Child Protective Services of Romania. 

Springtime House in Romania-USA, Inc. is a U.S. charity, founded by Richard and Sandra Scott in 2011, whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for orphans and at-risk children of Romania. 


To rescue, restore and equip orphans and at-risk children in Romania

by supporting godly family homes. 

“To look after orphans and widows in their distress…”  James 1:27

Casa Primavara (Springtime House) is the Foundation Home of this Charity and has become the "flagship" example.  Institutional orphanages in Romania are extremely deplorable, yet it is estimated that 500,000 children were raised in these terrible conditions. Foster care homes are the answer to a positive family environment for orphans.

Many other children are at risk of becoming orphans, targets of human trafficking or enslaved in the cycle of poverty.  These homes and at-risk families are supported by Springtime House USA, through awareness and fundraising efforts in America. Funds are forwarded to Romanian foster parents and trusted liaisons who have a heart for these ministries.  They faithfully manage the daily care of 80+ children, teens or young adults, who are fed, clothed, nurtured, educated and challenged to reach their full potential in life. 

The children of Casa Primavara were raised by a godly couple who brought stability, nourishing food, kindness and trust into their lives. The children's basic needs were met (food, clothing and shelter) with the addition of love, emotional healing and spiritual mentoring. They were educated, tutored and taught responsibility and life skills. Encouraged to be involved in community and church activities, four of them have graduated, are working and beginning to live under supervised independence. 

Funds raised in the USA are wired internationally to support orphans, at-risk children and their caregivers. No one on the Volunteer U.S. Board takes an income. Springtime-USA partners with Romania's Charity of Hope to help specific families in the Roma Communities. 

“To defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights

of the poor and oppressed.”  Psalm 82:3

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Together, we make a positive difference!

Springtime House USA provides food, shelter, clothing and educational opportunities through individual donations, foundation grants and corporate sponsors. With help from many volunteers, this Charity brings stability and hope to orphans and at-risk children in Romania. 



Humanitarian Outreach is critical in rural areas, which is far from available jobs, city utilities and a high school education. The needs in each Roma Community is unique, yet similar. Parents do not have the money to buy the basics of life for their families, let alone, school supplies. Without supplies, children are not allowed to attend school. Springtime House provides selected at-risk families with humanitarian aid and has an annual school supply drive for dozens of children & teens. Sponsors and scholarship grants are sought to provide weekly bus transportation for high school teens to go to the city where they live in a youth hostel. These teens are able to complete their education, plus training for trades which is a huge opportunity for them to change the course of their lives!

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