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Supported by Springtime House in Romania-USA, INC.


Martin, Roza, Katy and Miki (4 of the 5 original orphan siblings of Casa Primavara) have all graduated from high school and have jobs. Miki works at a local print shop; Roza has a job at a salad bar; Martin and Katy works at a clothes shop. Heidi began high school  2018. Lavinia and Ruben Rus are the new caregivers who live with their three young children at Casa Primavara.

LORINCZ Martin Heidi Roza Kati Miki 2019


Nicu and Rita Reperuc celebrate the children they have mentored in their home, Casa Bethania. Though they have no biological children of their own, this amazing couple has helped over 30 at-risk children become safely independent in 30 years of ministry. Springtime House USA was fortunate to obtain a grant to have major home repairs for Casa Bethania including a new roof. Rita is a wonderful cook and Nicu leads summer Bible youth camps in the mountains.

Casa Bethania Extended Family.JPG


Gavril and Sanda Rus adopted 6 children and fostered 7 more children! Susana graduated from law school while her sister Gabrielle graduated from accounting college. Both are now working on their Master's Degree. Geanina graduated from high school and is now married, Claudia continues her studies to become a nurse, and Andrea is the new teenager in the family. Springtime House funded their attic remodel providing 3 additional bedrooms and one more bathroom, plus central wood-burning heat. What a blessing this couple is to their 13 children!

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Rescued from human trafficking, several young women enjoy safe, transitional housing living near couples, Scott and Carolyn Pouncy and also Tammy Moss. For the first time these girls experience stability, God's love, respect, redeeming grace and mercy. They're taught critical life skills, complete their high school education and apply for local jobs. These two couples are godly role models from the USA, helping these young women have a future and a hope. It is our joy to partner with such a dynamic ministry as Rock Hope.

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River of Life Ministry provides mid-wife delivery for unwed mothers and their babies.There is also a home for the elderly on the property. About 31 live in this integrated, loving community where Christians values are taught and mentored. This American couple, Roberta and Doug Moore, have ministered in Romania for 25 years, adopting several children themselves. They have worked with little and have accomplished much in changing the destinies of many people they have served. What a godly couple!

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