Samboleni and Mociu Villages

Samboleni and Mociu villages are a small part of the Roma community that reaches across the Eurpean continent. Discriminated against both domestically and internationally, it is difficult for families who desire to improve their situation to find support.  Springtime House offers support to help families actively demonstrating an interest in improving their lives both physically and spiritually.  Many Roma children are at-risk due to a lack of education, a lack of employable skills and a lack of hope.



Helping the Roma community in the villages of Samboleni and Mociu


Touch a Child's Life, It Will Change Yours

Orphans and at-risk children need a loving home to thrive.  Sponsor-a-Child offers an opportunity for you to directly impact the needs of your child's home.  Your $50/$75/$100 monthly donation funds projects and concerns that are specific to each foster or at-risk home.  Springtime House also facilitates the opportunity to connect with your sponsored child via letters & photos, sharing the faces and hearts of those who care. Find your sponsored child today, email us at


Give-a-Book Add On

In Romania 1 out of 3 children don't pass the mandated 8th grade exam.  Among the several factors contributing to their failed education is a lack of basic school supplies.  

And without school supplies, children are not allowed to go to school.

Your $25 donation will supply a child for school year.

Go Beyond the Basics with an additional $5-$10 donation giving a brand new quality children's book.  Inspire to read!


Impact a Young Person's Life Forever

Children who don't pass the High School entrance exam need trade skills to become self-sufficient.  Your $100/month pledge gives skills that last a lifetime. Contact us today to find out how YOU can make the difference between work in the fields or a meaningful job with a living wage. Life Changing!


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