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The Cojocnean Family (1 baby girl, 4 daughters, and 2 parents) The father suffers from a debilitating foot condition, arthritic rheumatism, in the wet and cold winters of Romania.  The condition caused him to lose his job working on a ranch and consequently a promised home. His poor family took shelter in an abandoned, one-room, uninsulated, leaky shack where the father had grown up in Samboleni. 

Gheorghe Opris, founder of Charity of Hope (Asociatia Crestina de Caritate Speranta, C.I.F. 34913074), could not stand to see this family suffer another winter in that deplorable shack, so Fall 2019, he requested emergency funds from Springtime House in Romania-USA, Inc. After the funds were granted, Gheorghe arranged for the basic construction of a simple, new home before the cold weather set in. During the 2019/2020 winter, this family was blessed with a warm and dry house, a solid foundation, a metal roof, insulated windows and a door. For the first time, the family enjoys indoor plumbing and electricity. They now have the use of a kitchen sink and indoor restroom, with a new wood stove to keep warm and to cook. 

With an additional grant from Christian Broadcast Network (CBN-TV) Orphan’s Promise, the Cojocnean Family now enjoys all of the finishing details which were added to the home’s exterior and interior in the spring of 2020. An additional coating of insulated, colored stucco was applied to the home’s exterior in the warm, dry weather. Furniture and other needs were also added as funds became available. The Cojocneans' desire is to become a self-sufficient family and have requested a dairy cow, a pig, a barn to protect their animals, hay, and feed, plus a fence to protect their property. A photographer captured this story and it may be telecast on CBN-TV in the future

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