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As of November 15, 2020, Romania reported 360,281 coronavirus-related infections and 8,926 deaths in the country, since the pandemic began. Daily deaths reported >140, however, this is still much lower than other European countries: Italy, France, Poland, and the United Kingdom. Romanian hospitals do not compare with standard American hospitals and their system is being strained, yet Romanian medical staff has been able to provide an adequate level of medical care for their patients and maintain low mortality rates per capita. 

Because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic of 2020, Springtime House in Romania Charity (STH) has been unable to host a local fundraising dinner in Houston, Texas. In spite of this, STH has continued to support approximately 80 orphans and at-risk children plus 50 caregivers with food staples, clothes, shoes, medicine, and especially wood for heat and cooking.  120 at-risk children from Mociu & Samboleni Villages plus the orphan care homes have been supplied with their usual support including school supplies. As in the USA, many school children are being homeschooled, while others attend limited class time, depending on local lockdown phases.

STH Romanian Administrator, Miriam Rus, her husband, their three children, parents Vasile and Elena Rus, brother Ruben and Lavinia plus their three children were quarantined while they all recuperated from the coronavirus. Romanians have had more frequent confinement, limitations on travel, and fewer commodities than the USA. Fortunately, everyone we know in Romania who contracted the virus has now recovered! We are very grateful to God!

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