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Recently, Sanda and Gavril Rus Family have been BUSY with their family’s new lavender business. They’ve been growing lavender on limited private property in Dej as well as on acreage in the country which they purchased. This enterprise involves growing and harvesting the lavender to make scented gifts: bouquets, soaps, and lotions as well as finding markets for their new products. STH has known and supported this family for ten years and we have watched their children grow up, graduate, get good jobs, leave home, and some have married. 

Before Sanda Rus began adopting and fostering orphans, she owned her own bakery and continues to make delicious desserts! She was a caseworker for the State but was forced to choose between fostering more orphans and working for the State. Sanda resigned to be free to adopt and foster. This couple has huge hearts and they trust God completely!

Sanda’s husband, Gavril is a mechanic, an expert carpenter, and overall “jack of all trades; he has worked as a church janitor for additional income. The couple have no children of their own, but have adopted five orphans and consistently foster no less than 10 children up to 13! They gave their first grown daughter, Geniana Dana Rus, in marriage in 2019 to a fine, young man who is a local police officer. 

In 2009, the Rus couple accepted 4 orphaned siblings at once as no one else would take four. Not many foster parents would do that! Those children have been outstanding students and helpful family members. In 2020, they “gave away” their foster daughter in marriage, Gabriella (Gaby) Vaida. Gaby came to live with the Rus family along with her two sisters and young brother when her father and grandmother both died. Gaby graduated with her Masters Degree in Accounting from a local University. Her older sister, Susanna Vaida graduated with her Law Degree from University. Susanna now lives and works in Bucharest. 

The Rus family has been too busy celebrating life events with their large family and working hard together on their lavender business, to be overly concerned about the coronavirus, and besides, their trust is in the Lord Jesus.

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