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Floresti Cluj, Romania 

All four of the oldest siblings, Roza, Martin, Miki, and Kati graduated and have jobs. Heidi is the last original sibling orphan supported by STH at Casa Primavara. She turned 18 and has two more years of special high school/trade school and presently is being homeschooled like her classmates. Last summer, Heidi was released from the state foster care system allowing Lavinia and her family to return to their own home after two years as guardians and mentors to the Lorincz children.  We are all very grateful for Lavinia’s dedication and hard work as a foster mother, and of course Ruben’s strong support, through the teen years and into young adulthood.

As Heidi is not yet able to live on her own, a new godly family was hired to manage Casa Primavara, mentor Heidi, and help her with her disabilities. STH welcomes the Craciun Family! 

(father is Dani, mother is Adina, children: Anelissa 7, Levi, 4, Fineas 1 year.) 

The family jumped into their new role with enthusiasm and local support.  A team of volunteers helped clean and paint areas of Casa Primavara where necessary. STH is delighted that this Christian family chose to live at Casa Primavara and to help Heidi adjust to new changes. In addition, Andrea Miron, a nursing student, has come to live at Casa Primavara. Andrea is an orphan from Moldova attending nursing school in Cluj. Andrea also has a job as a nurse technician, riding with a team in an emergency vehicle. 

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